Crime Victims & Restitution

Advocates should be aware that if VVF makes an award on behalf of a victim, Virginia law requires that that VVF recollect the award from the offender(s) convicted of the crime. Safety planning with a victim should address the potential danger that can arise from recollection.

If restitution is ordered for an expense that VVF does not cover, such as stolen property, the victim will receive that restitution. However, if restitution is ordered for expenses that VVF has covered, the offender’s payments are directed to VVF.

It is very helpful if the restitution order is written directing repayment to VVF. If some of the restitution is designated for items VVF cannot cover, language can be added to the order which clarifies that issue. For example, restitution can be directed to “CICF for expenses paid on behalf of the victim, to the victim for damage to…”

Please inform VVF if a civil case is pending. Providing the name and contact information of the civil attorney can help prevent unnecessary delays in the claims process.