On July 1, 1977, the Virginia Compensating Victims of Crime Act was enacted to help victims that suffer injuries as a result of crime. Code of Virginia § 19.2-368.1 indicates:

The General Assembly finds that many innocent persons suffer personal physical injury or death as a result of criminal acts or in their efforts to prevent crime or apprehend persons committing or attempting to commit crimes. Such persons or their dependents may thereby suffer disability, incur financial hardships or become dependent upon public assistance. The General Assembly finds and determines that there is a need for governmental financial assistance for such victims of crime. Therefore, it is the intent of the General Assembly that aid, care and support be provided by the Commonwealth as a matter of moral responsibility for such victims of crime.

In an effort to successfully provide the care and support required for victims of crime, VVF relies heavily on the assistance of law enforcement agencies and Commonwealth Attorney offices to determine eligibility of claims. Virginia Victims Fund works closely with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies as well as prosecutors and victim/witness advocates to assist victims through the criminal justice process, claims filing process and assistance in providing necessary documentation to perfect claims.

VVF's limitations as well as procedural and documentational requirements are statutorily based. For more information, please click on the links below.

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