Ombudsman Services

The role of the Crime Victim Ombudsman is to assist crime victims with the VVF compensation process, to include assisting with filling out forms and obtaining the necessary documentation for an expense to be considered.

The Ombudsman is also available to Victim Witness program advocates to advise on potential claims or difficult situations.

What to expect from the Ombudsman:
  • Listen and respond to claimants’ questions
  • Obtain documentation on behalf of claimants
  • Explain and provide information about the compensation process to claimants
  • Provide status updates to claimants
  • Ensure that crime victims’ rights are upheld and that everyone is acting in the best interest of crime victims
  • Provide information on the criminal justice processes
  • Provide referrals to criminal justice agencies and service organizations
  • Advise Victim Witness Program advocates on potential claims or difficult situations
  • A response within 48 hours in the order in which inquiries are received
Scope and limitations of Ombudsman:
  • The Ombudsman cannot give legal advice
  • The Ombudsman has no authority to interfere with a criminal investigation or to review decisions about how or whether to proceed with a case
  • Although victims may choose to take other actions, please note that neither the Crime Victim Ombudsman or Virginia Victims Fund has the authority to change the outcome of court proceedings and other criminal justice decisions
Reference: Va. Code § 19.2-368.3:1