The Crime Victim Ombudsman:
  • seeks to ensure that victims of crime are treated fairly and with dignity, and are served equitably
  • ensures that all parties, including service providers and VVF personnel, are acting in the best interests of the crime victim
  • assists crime victims and other eligible claimants with all aspects of filing and perfecting their VVF claim
  • ensures crime victim rights are safeguarded and upheld throughout the claim process
How the Ombudsman Assists Victims of Crime [Code of Virginia § 19.2-368.3:1]
  1. Acts as a Liaison between crime victims and criminal justice or law-enforcement agencies, advocates, and other service providers.
  2. Offers Advocacy to crime victims and members of the criminal justices/victim services systems to ensure all parties are acting in the best interest of the crime victim.
  3. Facilitates Prompt Review and Resolution of claims by assisting crime victims in gathering required documentation, providing outreach services to service providers, and working to resolve issues in order to improve outcomes for crime victims.
  4. Provides Outreach, Education, and Technical Assistance to allied professionals and system and community-based advocacy services to enhance the claims process.
  5. Refers Crime Victims to the appropriate element of the criminal and juvenile justice systems, victim assistance programs, or community-based resources when services are requested by crime victims or deemed necessary by the Ombudsman.
  6. Reviews and Attempts to Resolve Complaints made by crime victims in order to ensure crime victim rights are safeguarded and upheld.