Rights of Crime Victims in Virginia


Being a victim of crime can be an overwhelming and difficult experience. The Virginia Victims Fund is in place to help. In addition to VVF services, crime victims have certain rights under Virginia law. Most of these rights are protected by local Victim Witness Assistance Programs and the Commonwealth Attorney. More information about these resources is available by contacting the Department of Criminal Justice Services Infoline at 1-888-887-3418.


  • From further harm and threats of harm
  • Waiting area separate from the accused during court proceedings

Financial Assistance

  • The Virginia Victims Fund
  • Restitution for damages or loss
  • Prompt return of property being held as evidence


  • Case status information
  • Employer intercession services
  • Prisoner release notification

Victim Input

  • Victim Impact Statement
  • Courtroom presence during trial
  • Parole input for crimes occurring prior to 1/1/1995
  • Plea Agreement Consultation

Courtroom Assistance

  • Confidentiality of address and telephone numbers
  • Interpreter services
  • Closed preliminary hearing in limited situations
  • Use of two-way closed circuit television in limited situations