Medical Providers

The Virginia Victims Fund makes payment to providers who have provided care for crime-related injuries. In order to receive payment, a provider must have a signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on file with our office. This MOA establishes a rate of payment and details other relevant Virginia law.

In order to make payment, VVF must have:
  • A Memorandum of Agreement on file with the provider
  • A Cardinal W9 Form completed
  • Medical records for each date of service
  • Itemized, detailed bills for each date of service
  • Insurance Remittance documentation

§ 19.2-368.6 of the Virginia Code directs that:
Health care providers, as defined in § 8.01-581.1, shall provide medical and hospital reports relating to the diagnosis and treatment of the injury upon which the claim is based to the Commission, upon request.

Questions about the status of an account should be directed to


Per the Code of Virginia, it is illegal for providers to place an account in collections that is under consideration at the Virginia Victims Fund.

§ 19.2-368.5:2. Effect of filing a claim; stay of debt collection activities by health care providers.

A. Whenever a person files a claim under this chapter, all health care providers, as defined in § 8.01-581.1 that have been given notice of a pending claim, shall refrain from all debt collection activities relating to medical treatment received by the person in connection with such claim until an award is made on the claim or until a claim is determined to be noncompensable pursuant to § 19.2-368.11:1. The statute of limitations for collection of such debt shall be tolled during the period in which the applicable health care provider is required to refrain from debt collection activities hereunder.

B. For the purpose of this section, "debt collection activities" means repeatedly calling or writing to the claimant and threatening either to turn the matter over to a debt collection agency or to an attorney for collection, enforcement or filing of other process. The term shall not include routine billing or inquiries about the status of the claim.