If you have questions regarding the victim compensation process, need assistance filing a claim, require referrals for outside programs or resources, have concerns regarding the handling of your claim, or questions regarding crime victims’ rights as they relate to victim compensation, the Ombudsman is available to assist. You may use the form below to contact the Ombudsman

Statement of Concern

The Crime Victim Ombudsman is a resource that can research, discuss, and seek to remedy issues and address concerns filed by crime victims and eligible claimants. The mission of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund is to ensure that every crime victim and claimant is treated with dignity, equality, and fairness. In accordance with the Victims Bill of Rights Act; all victims of crime are afforded certain rights.

For a copy of the Victims Bill of Rights, please visit our Rights of Crime Victims in Virginia page.

Please provide a detailed statement regarding your concerns and please include the type of assistance you are requesting from the Crime Victim Ombudsman:

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