What happens after I file my claim?

You will receive letters from us giving specific instructions and other information about your claim. It is important that you respond to requests from us as quickly as possible. This will help your claim move quickly.

There are 4 types of documents we must collect before we can award a claim.
  1. Eligibility documents: We request these documents from law enforcement. In some cases, we also ask the Commonwealth Attorney handling your case to answer some questions as well. You are not required to provide any of this information.
  2. Receipts and bills: We must gather bills to show your outstanding balances and any receipts for items already paid. Some of this documents will come from you, but we will request bills from doctors you see.
  3. Medical records and statements from doctors: We use this information to verify that the care we pay for is related to the crime. We will write to your doctors and the hospital to request this information.
  4. Collateral resources: Virginia law requires that you use any insurance that you have first and VVF will cover the remaining balances. If you are not insured, you must apply with the hospital for financial assistance- they will reduce the amount you owe. You must provide the documentation of collateral resources that we request.